Why Choose Us?


Why choose Bruyneel & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants

It is an inarguable point that a sharp accountant is crucial to your business and personal financial goals. So how do you tell who is good?  How do you choose? Why choose Bruyneel & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants?

  1.  Designations. These represent training and a commitment to professionalism. All accounting staff at Bruyneel and Company are designated accountants – Chartered Accounts (CA) or Certified General Accountants (CGA) or Certified Management Accountants (CMA), now all under the auspices of Chartered Professional Accountant - so any person working for you will have the best training available to do so.
  2. Experience. Does the accountant have an understanding of your business and personal situation? Have they encountered those situations before? At Bruyneel & Company Chartered Professional Accountants we have been serving clients for almost 40 years, there is not a problem you have that we have not seen.
  3. Insight. Am I comfortable with the relationships? Do these people speak my language? At Bruyneel & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants we have a saying of our own, if you’re happy with your accountant stay where you are, but if you are not happy, if you are using your Dad’s accountant or your wife’s friend's bookkeeper because “she is nice” and struggling to understand how they work, or why your results aren’t optimized - find someone else.


We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have under the topic of why choose us, but we believe the depth of our education and experience, our passion for business and helping people and our easily understandable fee structure will make you feel at home here.


We are a family business that treats our clients as family

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